Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I r derilict.

Snap, looks like I fell into that old habit of neglecting my online journals. Well, for those of you who still pop in here periodically, I do have a couple of articles in mind that I have every intention of writing. They do require a bit of planning, which is probably the reason I've yet to put it down on paper. Not to mention there has been an eff ton of games that I ravenously consumed. It was rather quick however, and I believe I am again hungry for more entertainment.

In other news, those fuckers at Viore finally came through and fulfilled their warranty for my boned TV almost four months later. It was a great relief to finally rid myself of that thousand dollar paperweight.
Couple of days later I went and picked up my new, glorious piece of equipment, to Little Bitty's delight (I secretly know that she only loves me for my giant and powerful television). I was a bit leary of going LCD, despite them being in the middle of the pretty, yet nub, plasmas and the gigantic expensive DLPs, but that all melted away to some love at first sight action. Seriously, if my TV was a wallet, it would say "Bad Motherfucker".

By the way, for us Blu-ray and HD-DVD challenged folks, if you want a nice litmus test of how badass your TV is, pop in this Bowie DVD. I'm not much of a technophile when it comes to film, but something about the way they filmed that DVD makes it look amazing even on your cheapass supermarket DVD players or TVs. Not only that, it rocks balls. Like switcheroo. Switcheroo rocks balls.

I am fighting the urge to buy an effin Wii. Toys'R'Us had a buy 2 get 1 free sale on all games in the store, and my nub ass went and bought some. I picked up Warioware: Smooth Moves, the new Zelda, and Mario Party 8. I gave the Zelda game to my bro for his birthday, but that Smooth Moves calls me from the closet to bring it home a nice Wii to penetrate. It calls me Tyrone.

NEwAYz! A brutals blog guitar tv specials pay per view should be around the corner, hopefully. Stay tuned in any case, because u luvs me ITB.

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