Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I'm being taken back to the past, to play the awesome games that kick ass.

In case you missed the reference.
I was browsing through the Wii Virtual Console store the other day, clearly not fixing my computer as I should have been (it's still in a coma). I have to admit, they have put up a very decent selection of the old school games that I played on their original platforms. I got the urge to play some F-Zero X (for N64) while browsing, and was just about to buy it when I realised, "Hey, I own this game already, why buy it a second time?" Thus began my quest to find my old consoles and get them in working order again. Turns out, my SNES and N64 were in boxes around the house, both sans their AC adaptors. Boo-urns. A quick browse through Ebay proved fruitful, and both the adaptors arrived in the mail in a few days time. The SNES seems to be in good shape, playing games with the occasional old school NES cartridge blow or cartridge wiggle. The N64 unfortunately powers on but puts out no image or audio signal, so I'm in the market for a cheap used control deck.

I have to mention the moment when I opened the boxes with the games. I must say, I had a decent taste in games in my youth. I'm not going to list them all, but it was more like Christmas morning than the actual gifts under the tree business. There is also something very cool about playing my old pixellated 16bit favourites on my glorious HDTV.

I started playing through Final Fantasy III (or Final Fantasy IV for you nerd purists). I always regretted not beating it, so we'll see if it maintains my interest long enough to do it this time around. I wonder if that depends on whether or not I fix my computer. Mebbe Lonk will browbeat me enough for me to do it this week. Do this now thx.

Oh, I forgot to mention, I was crazy sick this weekend. Missed a day of work and my Monday class as a result. It seemed to be some sort of stomach bug, with nausea and fever as the main symptoms. I think I can say that at the moment, my stomach is probably as empty as it'll ever be. I can haz cheezburger?


Anonymous said...

I must say, I had a decent taste in games in my youth.

You make it sound like your youth was way in the distant past. Heh.

Now you've made me want to break out my C-128 and play Elite again. Yes, I actually still have the whole commodore shibang in my closet.

*goes off to find the old 5 1/4 disks*


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Toji said...

i feel compelled to find my snes again.